Based on the S700 dental chair package, ZC-S700 dental chair package is the newest product developed by Joinchamp. The ultra-low chair position and handles installed on both sides of the chair are the essential designs of ZC-S700 dental chair package. Besides that, the backrest of dental chair is covered with imported leather, which is a quite soft and smooth material.

The ZC-S600 dental chair package has an elegant, streamlined and colorful look. Its backrest’s height could be adjusted within 380mm-720mm. In addition, the adjustable headrest, as well as the metal backrest are all introduced in the dental chair package. Moreover, the unit box, spittoon and instrument tray could all be rotated within a specific range, allowing better operation for our dentists.

This is the S300 standard dental chair package, it features a fashionable and elegant look. Its unit box is made of unique materials, allowing easy cleaning and disinfection. Meanwhile, the unit box has a high lighting effect, high rigidity, and does not easily become discolored. Therefore, after long-term use, it still retains a like-new appearance.